Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Riley Claire: 3 year newsletter

Dear Riley,

Happy Birthday! It’s really hard to imagine you are already 3! You’re a real person now, complete with opinions, wants, musts, and have tos. It’s not always easy to make you happy, especially when you haven’t had a nap, but you make me happy every second of every day.


I’ve been kind of light on updates and I guess that’s because school just started back. It takes me quite a while to get back in the swing of things, and 5 weeks in I still don’t think I’m used to working! You are staying home with your Daddy again this year and you couldn’t be happier. You really love your Daddy. He lets you act like a princess all day long.

He’s great with you and we are so lucky he’s able to stay home with you. But, I think sometimes he is lacking in the supervision department. I would NEVER let you take 25 pictures on our new camera.





Instead, while I’m in charge you do things like this:


Look closely; you’ve put several princess shoes, your purse, a teething ring, a water gun and various other odds and ends in the refrigerator.

You’ve really started playing with baby dolls lately. You love to be a little mommy. I can totally hear myself coming out in you too.  You tell your dolls things I’ve told you, like:

“You’re the best girl in the whole world.”

“You want to eat something? Huh?”

“You’re my best friend.”

“That’s hilarious!”

Your birthday party was a huge success. Your Daddy suggested we have the party at a nearby Sonic, and while I wasn’t keen on that location at first, Sonic turned out to be the best place for your party.


You were really impressed with your name on this sign.


Everyone loved playing in the sand with their shoes off.


I made you a fairy cake the night before. Above, Braxton is trying to remove one of my strategically placed fairies. You weren’t very happy about it! It looks like you were saying, “Hey!”


And then you both got in trouble for trying to mess with the cake. (My favorite picture. Braxton is hilarious!)

Ignore “The Voice.”



You received lots of presents! Barbies, clothes, princess jewelry, purses, a Tinkerbell dress, etc.!



You were pretty tired after your party. It’s hard work being a 3 year old princess!

You’re such a big girl! When I look at you I don’t see a little baby or even a little toddler; I see a little girl. An amazing girl.

Since these letters are to you, I feel like I can brag about you some. You are so smart! Tonight I was in the kitchen cooking and got an egg out of the refrigerator. This was our conversation:

Me: “I need an egg.”

You: “That’s where the baby birds live, Mom.”

Me: Laughing, “I know. Baby birds hatch out of eggs don’t they?”

You: Very serious tone, “No, they burst out of the eggs. When they get ready, they just burst out!”

Me: “Burst?!”

Many of the things you know come from television. You watch television, but you aren’t glued to it. I’d say you probably watch maybe two hours of television a day. So some of the things you know have been picked up on your own. Grandad couldn’t believe it the other day when you identified an “island” on a commercial.

Your Dad and I are very proud to be your parents. You are our reason for love and life.

Love you forever and ever!

Love, Mama