Monday, November 26, 2012

Ella Rae - 5 month newsletter

Dear Ella Rae,

This month snuck up on me! I was not prepared for you to start eating solids, but that's what your doctor recommended. I thought I had two more months before you started solids, but at 4 months and 1 week you had your first solid foods. You like most foods I've tried, with your favorites being green beans and sweet peas. Anything sweet gives you the "bitter-beer face."

You are such a happy baby. Tonight I had you cackling! I love to hear your sweet laugh. You're very serious, too.

Strangers don't bother you much, but you love to stare at new people.

No matter what, your sister is always around. She is your constant entertainment and my invaluable helper. You like bath time best when Riley is in there with you. You love the toys she brings you.

Ella, you can almost roll over. There's nothing really important you are trying to reach, so you don't really give it a good try. I've even put toys just out of your reach but that doesn't seem to motivate you. You're very content to lay around and look.

When Riley was little I couldn't wait for her to hit the next milestone. I wanted her crawling, walking, talking, as soon as possible. It was a new experience to watch a baby grow up. But with you, Ella Rae, I am happiest letting you be a baby. I want you to meet all the milestones, and you do, but if it takes you forever, that's just fine with me. Stay little! I am so enjoying having a baby around to tend to. It's exhausting most days, and even more so with a four year old, but it's my purpose in this world. Both of you girls make my life worth living.

Love you so, so much.

Love, Mama

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ella Rae - 4 month newsletter

Dear Ella,

This month you've started chuckling when we tickle you. But not all the time. You don't laugh hard very often, so when I'm able to coax it out of you it makes my day. You smile and grin, but not many laughs.

In this picture, Aunt Ma knew the trick to get you to laugh. You had been laughing like crazy.

Halloween was just a few days ago. It passed without you noticing much. You were a kitty cat.

Several years ago, Riley was the same kitty cat, too.

You're a very laid back baby. You are content to lay on your mat in the floor, or lay in your bed looking at the balls on your ceiling. You don't put up much of a fuss unless you are hungry. 

Bath-time is your favorite. You kick like crazy! We call it "riding a bicycle" because your legs are constantly moving in the motion of riding a bicycle. 

You're not rolling over yet. Instead, you are trying to sit up. It's funny to watch when you are doing this. You just keep on and on trying, without success.

You don't have much hair, just a small tuft in the back. You're quite bald! I just started giving you cereal some because milk was not filling you up! Cereal isn't your favorite, but with a little applesauce you eat it up.

You kept me up pretty late a few nights ago. I never did really figure out what was wrong with you. I don't know if it was your belly or your gums, but something was just not right. Finally at 2 a.m. I fed you and that kept you down. As a whole, that was the worst night you've ever given me. When you were little you would wake up to eat, but almost always go right back to sleep. I've been so lucky and grateful.

You are a sweet, sweet little girl. I want a dozen just like you.

Love you, baby.
Love, Mama