Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013 - Newsletter

Riley: Two words: Monster High. You are obsessed. I saw a news story the other day that talked about how Monster High dolls are projected to replace Barbie; this has definitely happened in our household. Monster High is the only thing you want to talk about. I think it's also one of the main things you think about. You want to own every single Monster High doll made. There are only about 20 of them, but at $20 each you can imagine why you don't own them all yet. Keep working on Daddy; he will cave in.

When not consumed by Monster High dolls, you love to play with your brother and sister. You like to chase Ella around the house. With Nolan, you just like to coo and talk to him. He laughs like crazy at you.

You had a pair of shoes at Grandad's house in a back bedroom. You were supposed to wear those shoes today so I told you to go back there and get those shoes. It's sort of dark back there and the door is shut and when you go to the hallway you ran back to the living room, too scared to go any further. You ran right into Ella and apparently came up with a brilliant idea. The next thing I know you tell Ella, "Come on, Ella. You can come with me." I cracked up and there you and Ella went to the back bedroom after those shoes. You held her hand the whole time. I'm not sure how much Ella could do for you if something were to have gotten after y'all. With you sister by your side you can do anything! I hope it's always like that for you and Ella.

You've started spending the night at Grandad's house. It's no secret that there are no rules over there, so spending time there is fine with you. You take your videos and Allie and blanket and I don't think you think much about me while you're there. I'm so happy you love Grandad like you do, and that he is able to have you over for the night. He appreciates you being there, too. You're great conversation.

Thanks for not being mad at me when I sent you to school with crazy hair a week too early. I am trying so hard to give you every experience you deserve, but it's hard with the two babies. I don't want you to be cheated out of anything just because you have a little brother and sister. It does get pretty crazy around here though. Mondays are kind of our day. I take you to tumbling for an hour, and it's just nice to be able to go do something with just you. Those were the days! What did I do with all my time?

Ella Rae: Sweet big sister. You absolutely love to give Nolan attention. Hugs, kisses, and even holding him are some of your favorite things to do. I've even caught you leaned over him talking a little baby talk. You can't talk either so it was a bunch of jibber jabber, but really sweet and funny. 

You've gotten the door shut in your face so many times this past month. Riley's room is off limits to you and she does a good job of keeping you out. Sometimes you'll see Riley going back to her room and you do your best to keep up with her and get in the bedroom. It just doesn't happen! Sometimes you'll scream and bang on the door and other times you'll just toddle back out and find something else to do. Riley has too much small Monster High paraphernalia and puzzle pieces for you to be in there. The first thing you go for is her the cabinet where puzzles are stored. Merely pulling the puzzle pieces out and strewing them everywhere isn't the object: You need to sit inside the cabinet. 

You love to get new clothes and shoes. You like pretty things.  

We went to the fall festival at church. There was a bounce house for the kids to play in. I waited until the big kids were out and in you went. You thought you were really jumping around in there, even though you were on your hands and knees. After about 15 minutes a bunch of 12 year old boys got in there so it was time for you to go. Ha! No. Someone finally had to crawl in and get you out. 

If not following Riley around the house, you are right behind me. You like it best when I carry you around with me while I'm doing chores. Ha, I'm sure you do. 

Nolan: Sweet baby boy. I know I'll never have another baby so I'm just trying to soak you up. I don't want to stop breast feeding you because I know I'll never be able to feed a baby like that again. I couldn't ask for a better baby. You're a pretty good sleeper, even sleeping on your back most of the time. You're the only one who I've ever had any success with doing that. 

You take a lot of abuse from your big sister, Ella. Toys hit your head, she pushes on you to stand up, and she steals your pacifier and bottles. Constantly. I try my best to protect you, but it's hard because she is so little and determined. She does however dote on you a lot and if you are crying she's been known to put your pacifier in your mouth. 

You just love to watch Riley. You love to smile. You've got lady killer eyes. 

Even though taking care of you three kids is very hard and mentally and physically taxing, what your Daddy does is even harder. He works over 24 hours away from his family, lives in a hotel for months at a time, misses his family, and never complains about it. He takes care of his family. We both want to give you three kids what we didn't have when we were growing up. Your Daddy works hard to give you that. Henry is my hero, my best friend, and I couldn't have picked a better man to be my husband and father of my kids. There's not one day that he is gone where I don't cry, want him home with me, or miss him. It's so hard!

We both love you kids so, so much. I'd do this 1,000 times over just to see your smiles.

Love you, Mama.