Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 Wrap-up

Dear Riley,

We had a great 2011 Holiday break! This year you were very excited for Santa to come see you. We were also able to use the line, “If you’re not a sweet girl, Santa won’t come see you.” That seemed to work pretty well!

You first opened presents with Braxton at Paw-Paw’s house.


Aunt Ma got you a Baby Alive. Hopefully how you treat the Baby Alive isn’t indicative of how you will act with a new sister or brother.  You’re not crazy about the whole diaper-changing part.


Leslie sent us the perfect gift: matching aprons.


Santa knew just what you wanted! Anything with a princess or fairy would have made you happy.




All you could say when you saw all your new toys was, “Too much!”


New Year’s Eve was spent with Paw-Paw and Tio popping fireworks. You hated the fireworks last year, so I wasn’t all that hopeful that you would like them this year. However, you LOVED the sparklers this year. You called them “drawers” because you were writing your name with the sparkler.


We didn’t ring in the new year at midnight, and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stay up until midnight again.

Your imagination is exploding right now. You talk with and play with all your babies and Barbie dolls. You also like to have tea parties with them.

You’re also very perceptive of the world around you. Yesterday you asked if Pepsi was for old people. Grandad is a huge fan of Pepsi and always has several boxes on standby.

Paw-Paw loves to tell everyone what you said to him. He asked you if you were going to have a baby brother, and you told him, “If it’s a brother, you can have it.”


Your dad said the other day that you are the glue that holds everything together. You make our family complete in many ways. We love you so, so much. I’m so very proud of the little girl you are!

Love Mama