Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter – Part 2

I am always on the lookout for fun things around Tyler for us to do. There are always activities going on, and sometimes those activities are FREE!
Last night, spur-of-the moment I realized there was another Easter egg hunt at a local park. This was supposed to be a flashlight egg hunt after dark. Kids could participate if they could hunt on their own, and since you can’t I called to see what else was going on. Little did I know, but The Easter Bunny would be there as well. I having been thinking about getting your picture made with him, but just haven’t had the time. So, we loaded up and headed out the door.
This egg hunt was more like a carnival. There was a fishing game, basketball game, jump house and dance area. Local dance groups were dancing to hip hop music. Also, you could have your picture made with the Easter Bunny for FREE! I couldn’t believe it. All you had to do was sign a release form and the workers gave me a piece of paper to access the picture on I was so happy. There were two options for getting your picture made:
riley without bunny riley without bunny2
 eb1 ed3
and this is what I took with my own camera…
005After the traumatic photo shoots, we went and watched the dancers. Big hit with you, sweet girl! You danced with everyone!
006  024 You really had a great time. It makes my heart full to see you so happy. Keep dancing Riley. Dance to your own music, but keep dancing.

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