Thursday, March 17, 2011

Riley Claire–2 years, 6 months newsletter

Dear Riley,

When you were a tiny baby, I didn’t want you to grow up. I wanted you to stay just like that little baby… forever. As much as I miss that little squishy and sweet baby, I couldn’t even imagine the fun we are having with you right now. You are a hoot!


You can say anything you want anytime you want. You’re a little chatterbox as a matter of fact. Recent notorious lines include:

a. “We just playing with our guitars.”

b. “Mama, are you watching American Idol?”

c. “Mama, are we turning around? You need some help?”

d. “There’s Brookshire’s!”

I could go on an on, but let me just say, your Daddy and I have to watch what we say around you. As should everyone else.

Your favorite outside activity is playing at the park. You love the park, but hate to leave. Usually you can be persuaded to leave if promised a sucker from the store.


You’ve recently become scared of the dark, monsters and bugs. When you go to sleep at night, you’re afraid of the dark. Your Daddy got you a flashlight to sleep with, so for now we’ve solved that problem.

But, then you’re scared of monsters. I don’t know where you’ve seen monsters, but I’ve made it a point not to buy any movies with monsters. Daddy gives the monsters a spanking and that seems to satisfy you.

Bugs. You are terrified of bugs. You want the bug dead, with a quickness. You point out any insect and impatiently await its death. For instance, I wanted to take a picture of you last night. However, I can not get you to look at the camera. So I told you, “Riley, do you see the bug on my camera?” Your response…


It’s currently Spring Break around here, so we took the opportunity to go and visit our family in Louisiana. Oh, what a time we had!


You flew a kite for the first time. And loved it!


Your most-favorite person, Stephanie. You really love your cousin.


Your cousins in Louisiana are much older than you. The boys find their own forms of entertainment.


You were too scared to sit on the four-wheeler, but riding behind it seemed just fine to you.



We got to bring someone home with us from Louisiana.


Let’s just say you were a little bit excited.


He’s a sweetie alright. You two love playing together. Most of the time. So far today, all I’ve heard is, “Mine, mine, mine, mine,” in the most annoying, whining, two-year old voice imaginable. Yes, you fight like sister and brother.

And anyway Riley, we have a pretty great life. I love you and love spending this time with you. You are an absolute joy. I love you!

Love, Mama

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  1. lol... This one is funny! The bug pic... HYSTERICAL!!!!!