Thursday, April 14, 2011

Riley Claire–2 years 7 months newsletter

Dear Riley,

As you probably know, I’m an emotional person. And this emotional person has had an emotional week. Lately, I have missed you so much during my day. I ache to see you and know exactly what you are doing while I am working. When I get home from work we have a long hugging and kissing session with both of us saying “I love you!” and “I miss you!” many times. Your hugs are the best part of my day!


Usually, just you and I eat supper together while you Daddy is at school. I love our nightly dinners together and I usually join you at your little table. I think we both enjoy this time together! Your favorite foods are macaroni, spaghetti, cheese, yogurt, strawberries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and Fruity Pebbles cereal.

I’m sure as a direct result of watching so many Disney princess movies, you’ve taken to calling me “Mother”, and your Daddy “Father”. It’s really funny and awkward to be called “Mother”.


Your favorite activity is going to the park. You like to meet the other girls playing there, introducing yourself as “Princess” and telling the little girls you are 6. They look at you like you are crazy and run away, with you following closely behind.


You’ve always been really good about entertaining yourself, so when the little girls leave you, you don’t seem to mind sliding by yourself.

You’re still very frightened of anything that moves. We kill numerous “bugs” all day long, but never actually see any real bugs. Not to mention, you’re afraid of hair. Strands of hair. I’m sorry, but my hair falls out. It’s something you’ll have to get used to.



You are a really big help with household chores. You love to fold wash rags, put up your socks, and wash dishes. Letting you make a mess with the water is something I’ve come to enjoy. You are learning and growing when you play.



You are a cutie and a sweetie. You are constantly entertaining us and keeping us on our toes. I am afraid you are going to escape from our apartment and I’ll be charged with child neglect. You can be very sneaky. Please don’t escape!

You have a love of the alphabet and books. You know what all the letters “say” and love to get new books from the library. It makes my heart truly happy that you love to learn and read.

One thing I struggle with is living in the moment and enjoying you. I enjoy the freedom your maturity has allowed me, but I sometimes think I take you for granted. I can’t imagine life without you, and wouldn’t want to live without you. You’re my best friend (even though I’m not yours), and I hope you can feel my love for you.

I love you with everything.

Love, Mama

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