Thursday, July 7, 2011


Dear Riley,
You are amazing. This age, almost 3, has truly been eye-opening  into your personality. All day long you say and do things that simply amaze your daddy and me.
  • You have to check your he-mail
  • You say words like many, tiny, and disappear, with correct sentence construction
  • You think for yourself and can make most decisions about what to wear, what to eat, and what to do
  • You love attention
  • You can sit still and watch a movie, well, almost the entire movie
  • You told me the other day, “I want to call Peggy!” your Grandmother
  • You can trace letters, something I am so very proud of
  • You are very empathetic and don’t like to see anyone upset
  • You say, “I have an idea!”
  • You love to dance
  • You love to pretend play and talk on the phone to Cinderella. "Hello, Cinderella?"
You are you and you are great. I love getting to know the person you are becoming, with all your thoughts and ideas. It’s hard to believe you are still 2. It’s going to be tough on me when you turn 3. There is already a fairy birthday party in the works.
I love you so, so much Riley.
Love, Mama

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