Tuesday, October 18, 2011

East Texas State Fair

Dear Riley,

At the end of September I always look forward to the East Texas State Fair. My daddy ALWAYS took me and Aunt Ma. Interestingly, the East Texas State Fair was the first date your dad and I had after you were born. We left you with Mamaw while we went to the fair.

We were really excited to take you to the fair this year. You’re just now tall enough so that you could ride a few of the rides. I think you had a great time!


Somehow I managed to get you and your daddy on the Ferris wheel, no small task. We all enjoyed the view!




I love this next picture. Daddy volunteered to ride the spinning apple ride (I can’t think of the actual name of that ride right now). Your daddy has a tight grip on your wrist because he was spinning the apple so fast you were sliding around. And your face shows just how much fun you were having.


The conversation that took place in the apple:

Daddy: “I’m getting so dizzy!”

Girl #1: “Me too!”

Girl #2: “Me too!”

You: “Me neither!”

Next we put you on a motorcycle. You liked it, too.



Our last stop was the Midway games. You played the game where you choose any duck and win a prize. Haha, can’t go wrong with that.




Love you both so much.

Love, Mama

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