Sunday, March 18, 2012

April 2012

Dear Riley,

Since your last newsletter we moved into a new house! You keep asking if we will live here forever. Maybe not forever, but for a while. We really like our new house and you love to play in the yard.

Also, you've started going to a new daycare. You go to "MiMi's" everyday while your dad and I work. You're outnumbered by boys but you don't seem to mind. It's very interesting to hear those little boys coming out in you. The other day you pretended your chicken nugget was a dinosaur and that it would eat my forehead. You would have never came up with that on your own.

I love hearing about your day when I pick you up. The first week you cried when I would pick you up because you wanted to stay longer. That makes me feel good about the decision to put you in daycare. One of the first things you report on when I pick you up is who went to time out and who was naughty. It's always the boys in timeout, never you. I love to hear you explain your day.

You've got a fashion obsession...

You love to wear black pants and a shirt.. but don't you dare call it a shirt. You demand to call them dresses. Sometimes I can talk you into blue jeans, but only if all of your black pants are dirty.
You're very excited about your new little SISTER. Some of my first memories as a child were of talking to Morgan while she was in my Mom's belly. You're experiencing the same situation now, so it's fun to be on the other end. You want to name her Braxton.
A few more Rileyisms:
eyebrows = eyebrowns
bobby pins = bobby clips
welding = weldman
I just had Spring Break at school and really enjoyed the time we were able to spend together. You're still my best friend and I love you so, so much.
Love, Mama

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