Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ella Rae - 2 month newsletter

Dear Ella,

I never imagined I could make it this far. I feared the first couple of months with a new baby, but surprisingly, they were wonderful. You are such a good baby and my heart is so full of love for you and Riley.

You are a sleeper and I needed a sleeper the second time around. If you're not sleeping, you're eating so you can hurry up and go right back to sleep. You even sleep later than Riley. You've just started grinning a little bit and you love to watch Riley play. You also like sleeping in your own bed, which I'm thankful for. But sometimes I want to snuggle you up.

You had a pretty lazy first summer. We stayed around our house most of the time. Riley has been my big helper this whole time, too. She loves to see your "beautiful eyes" and make you grin. She is also very concerned about your well being, especially when we are in the car since she is the only one who can see you then. She thinks it's her job to watch after you, and I think that's great. One of her favorite things to do is pick out your clothing.

You started day care last week. I was really emotional that first day. The only people who had cared for you were me, Aunt Ma and your Daddy. I really like your day care so far and another good thing, I have an hour and a half at lunch so I may get to come see you every once and a while.

You are the sweetest baby I've ever known. So, so sweet. It's an honor being your Mom and a privledge to take care of you.
You're my angel.

Love, Mama

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