Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Dear Nolan,

On this day, March 7,  you are on my mind. It is so hard for me to believe that you are growing up so fast. There are so many things about you that I want to remember forever, just the way you are. 
  • the way you talk: you are figuring out how to pronounce words like they should be pronounced, but at the same time you mix it with a little bit of baby talk and a whole lot of country twang. I love it! Everything you say is exaggerated and drawn out in a sweet little country drawl. "Moommmy" "I need to TALE you somethin." "I di-iddd" I need to take videos so I never forget the sound of your sweet voice.
  • the way you run: you think you are really moving somewhere and very fast. I love how your little chests puffs out when you run and how fast you pump your arms.
  • the way you collect rocks: you have a rock collection going on that sits on top of your dresser. One rock in particular shows a fossil and you call this your "fossil rock." There's another special rock that has a dark band around the middle; even I can admit that this is a pretty cool rock. Nevermind that it came right out of my driveway. I don't think I can handle any more rocks being brought into my house, but I secretly love your rock collection. I love your curiosity. And if you want to bring a new rock everyday, I can probably be convinced to let you.
  • the way you hold your shorts up when your knees are scraped: You fall and scrape your knees all of the time. When this happens, you walk around holding your shorts way up so they don't rub your hurt knees. Usually, you have them held so high up your underwear are nearly showing.
  • the way you go to sleep: I'm not talking about watching your eyes make their final flutter and me listening to your breath even out into deep exhalations. I'm talking about how you yell at me from your bed, "Moommmy!! I need to TALE you somethin!" It never amounts to anything that needs to be handled right then, you're just stalling. I like hearing your feet on the floor as you run back to your bed when you hear me coming to check on you. I love how you need the bathroom light on before you can get in your bed.
  • the way you love the baby muffins I cook you for breakfast: I don't think anyone appreciates those muffins like you eat them. 
And just you, baby. I just love you, Nolan. Even the things I don't love so much.. I love. 

  • the way you tee-tee everywhere. outside. In the bathtub (while Ella is in it). With the seat up or down, because it really doesn't matter to you.
  • the way you get my bathroom floor soaking wet while you're taking a bath. Because I probably haven't mopped your bathroom floor in months and it needed cleaning anyway.
  • the way you kick your shoes off when you walk in my front door: this really helps because I always know where your shoes are when I need you to put them on. Your shoes are ALWAYS on the floor by the front door. 
  • the way you have to grab a little, insignificant toy to carry with you before we can leave: these usually get left in my car and I throw them in the trash when I clean my car out. 
My baby you'll always be, Nolan. I love you forever. 

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