Saturday, May 15, 2010

Riley Claire – 20 Month Newsletter

Dear Riley,
Tomorrow you turn 20 months old. I had the discussion just yesterday about when to lose the months when telling someone how old you are. I think I will wait until you are 2.
You are very inquisitive, especially lately. You love to know what I am doing, what Daddy is doing, what Aunt Morgan is doing, and so on. You also like to mock us. If I cross my arms, you cross yours. If I yawn, you yawn. You are at the sweetest age, truly the most fun I’ve had so far.
You have a best friend. Well, an only friend really, but your best friend nonetheless.
034 You and Braxton are joined at the hip!
You and Braxton have a bond that is different from any other you will ever experience. Almost like a brother, you will always have Braxton to depend on.
Your speech keeps building, as does your little attitude. “Momma, no!” is your newest phrase. I can’t imagine why you say that to me! Maybe it’s because you don’t always mind and I have to take something away from you and say, “Riley, no-no”…. constantly. You are really firm in your convictions, and if you have your heart set on doing something, you could move mountains with your intensity. Keep that spark, you will need it one day.
You keep growing and changing every day. You are more than I ever expected and I love you with every fiber in my body.
109 Let’s thank the brilliant photographer: your Daddy.

I love you.
Love, Momma

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