Monday, May 31, 2010

I'll Always Come Back

Dear Riley,

I got a part-time job this summer to help us out a little financially. With me working, we can have extra money to have fun on, and thankfully, I lucked into a nice little job where I make more money than I expected. I am very thankful. The bad part: I have to leave you, mainly on the weekends.

When I was growing up, I never knew when I would see my mother next.

This picture of me and Aunt Morgan shows about how old Aunt Morgan and I were when our Mother sort of "played out." Weren't we sweet? I can't imagine how she did it, especially now that I have you. But, I know how it feels to watch your Mother leave. The circumstances are extremely different, but I have to leave you to go to work on the weekends. To say it breaks my heart is an understatement; it kills me.

Saturday morning when I had to leave, I had to shut the door in your face while you held both of your shoes in your hand and said through tears, "Shoes, shoes." Needless to say I cried that morning too.

I have to tell you, I will always, always come back for you.

I love you so much. Never, ever forget it.

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  1. This post truly made me cry :( Your daughter is blessed to have you for a momma! The time apart is nothing compared to all of the quality time you spend together. I am sure once you leave she has a great time.