Monday, June 7, 2010

A Photo A Day For A Year

People will often say that their whole lives flashed before their eyes after they experienced a traumatic event. Perhaps it’s a bit morbid, but I think that sounds pretty incredible.

Whether it is relationships, career, or your fashion sense, recording a photo a day for a whole year leaves you with a rich visual history of life.

Why do it?

Taking a photo a day is a big undertaking with big payoffs. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider doing it:

-Imagine being able to look back at any day of your year and recall what you did, who you met, what you learned… (Often we find it hard to remember what we did just yesterday or even last night, let alone a whole year ago!

-Your year-long photo album will be an amazing way to document your travels and accomplishments, your haircuts and relationships. Time moves surprisingly fast.

This is my Project 365 Album. 004

June 7, 2010


  1. i tried a self portrait 365 and a kids 365 and failed both, but I'm not very good with things like that. It is such a good idea though and if you make it, it will be a wonderful photo album! good luck girl! :)