Monday, June 14, 2010

Riley’s Room Transformation - Part 1

Since Riley will be getting a new bed sometime soon, I have decided to redecorate just a little bit. When she was born, we decided to decorate in lime green, hot pink, flower, and butterflies.

2 years later and that stuff gets on my nerves! I’ve decided to change things up just a little: lime green, hot pink, and zebra! That’s about as adventurous as I get: one major change. Anyway, I’m going about the change in steps and have completed the first step.

My sister hand painted cut-out letter spelling Riley’s name. We had them hanging on the wall above her bed.

005Aren’t I a talented interior designer? We had these hung on the wall with double sided tape. When I took them down, several of them brought the wall down too. As in paint and spackel (sp?). So I really had no choice in where to hang them up this time.

001  I bought some zebra scrapbook paper and used mod podge to cover the letters. They turned out pretty cute. Next time I will save the mod podge and buy adhesive wrapping paper.

002 So now I have butterflies and flowers and bugs hanging on the wall that aren’t going to match. I need to either leave them up there, change them up a little, or find something to hang in their place since they will more than likely tear the wall up too. Good thing we are renters!

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