Saturday, December 4, 2010

Big-girl Bed

Dear Riley,

On November 30, 2010, you slept in a twin sized bed for the very first time. Your new bed came from Grandad’s house and has been in the family for many years. I think it is so pretty. I should also mention, the sheets you are sleeping on are the same sheets Aunt Ma and I slept on when we were younger. My sheets were The Little Mermaid and Aunt Ma’s sheets were The Lion King.

You weren’t too jazzed with idea when I mentioned to you that the new bed would be where you would be sleeping. All you wanted to do was jump on your new bed. “Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.” You really say that.

When I put you to bed I went through our nightly routine: kisses, “I love you”, “See you in the morning”, “Sleep tight”, “Sweet dreams”, tucked your two babies in, made sure you have your favorite blanket, and more kisses. I turned the light off and shut the door. I thought to myself, “That was easy, let’s see if it lasts.” Not 1 minute later, here you came out of your room.

I told you, “Get back in your bed!”  (The next morning you told your Daddy I said this to you. You little tattle-tail!)

So again, we went through our nightly routine. This time, you fell asleep in your big-girl bed!


You didn’t stay in your bed the whole night, or any nights since then. But, you will go to sleep in your bed by yourself, so I think that’s progress.

And besides, I love waking up to you standing by our bed wanting to sleep with us.

Love you,



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