Monday, December 6, 2010

The Fireplace

The fireplace at Grandmom and Grandad’s is the center of the house. Not in the center of the house, but THE center of the house. Especially in wintertime, household activities revolve around the fireplace. Grandad always builds the fire early in the morning. Grandmom is always adding wood to it or poking the fire, trying to keep the fire blazing. And the rest of us try and stay out of their way while they are doing it. Pictures are taken in front of the fireplace, and memories are made while staying warm in front of it. We complain that the fire makes the house too hot, but on those really cold mornings, we are all guilty of warming our backsides at the fireplace.




Cruising by the fireplace


Timothy; with the fireplace in the background.


Braxton playing.


Riley posing.

bringing in wood4

“Throwing a piece of wood on.”


In front of the fireplace.


Again, in front of the fireplace.

The fireplace is where PJ used to keep warm on cold nights. The fireplace is where the porch swing would bang if you were swinging too high. In front of the fireplace you can always find my Grandmom, keeping her feet warm. The fireplace is where someone will always warm their hands after coming inside on a cold winter day. The fireplace is where the little ones love to “throw a piece of wood on.” The fireplace is where the wood crackles, reminding you that you are home and safe. The fireplace is where memories are made.

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