Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tell Me All Your Problems

Dear Riley,

According to the “Internets”, you are 2 years, 9 months, 1 week, and 2 days old; that means you say the funniest things imaginable at any given time. I need to be more proactive in writing down the funny things you say, because I know one day you will cringe at some of the things you come up with.

Let me just tell you, it’s a daily ordeal hearing something new from you. The most sincere phrases are usually the funniest.

Example: The following scenario was played out in our apartment - -

It’s not out-of-the-ordinary for you to follow me around the house during the day. There are no places off limits, including when I need to use the restroom.

A few days ago, I felt the urge, and you followed me right into the bathroom. You sat down across from me on your potty, put your chin in your hands, and in the most unaffected tone said, “Tell me about your problems.”

(Insert me laughing hysterically here)

We have no idea where you might have heard this phrase, or where you learned to use the soft inflection in your voice when you said it. All I know, is your sweet sentence made my day. I’ve told everyone I know about this incident. What people don’t know, is that you say something extremely funny every hour.


So Riley, here’s to me keeping better track of your everyday ramblings, and you continuing to ramble so I have more fodder for your letters.

Love you so much,


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