Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays - 2011

Dear Riley,

Sorry I haven’t been writing your letters as often as usual here lately. I have an excuse! Between work and this baby factory, I’m completely drained anytime I have a few minutes to spare. Hopefully I’m over the first hump and will do better. I love you.

Despite all the changes, we did manage to get a few family pictures made. I was almost frantic about having pictures made this year for the Holidays. I know it will be the last Christmas with just the three of us, and I wanted you to have something to show for it.


For some reason, Dad was sitting “bolt upright” in these poses.


You’re in this “stage” where when you smile, it’s completely forced and un-photogenic. How long do stages last? This one has gone on for about a year now!


This is the only Santa picture we are doing this year. I actually think it would be the most successful picture with Santa so far, but I don’t want to face Broadway Square Mall.


I love profile pictures! You’re so beautiful!


The day after I made the appointment to have our picture made, you had some kind of collision in your room that resulted in a black eye (left eye). Your dad and I were in the kitchen so we’re not really sure what happened. You said you hit your T.V. I used some make-up and tried to cover the damage, but you can still see your black eye.


We’ve got a super Christmas planned for you! Every morning you ask, “Is it Christmas Day yet?” Anytime a commercial comes on the T.V. for a toy, you ohh and ahh and ask for it.

It’s a great time of year and we’re all very happy. I love you more each day. You’re my best girl, always.

I love you so much!


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