Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just One Kid

Dear Riley,

We've got about a month to go before your new little sister joins us. It's a very exciting time for everyone, and I think you're the most excited.

You've been home with me since school has been out and I can honestly say I don't know how I could make it without you. You are very helpful; offering to do little chores and help me with any and everything. You help me clean house, cook our food, do our laundry, and most importantly, get ready for your sister.
I love spending long days with you again. We do everything together! EVERYTHING!

Since moving to our new house you've had two fishing poles. The first, a Disney Princess fishing pole, is at the bottom of Lake Palestine if you ever want to look for it. We were fishing and not catching anything, as usual, when for some reason you just dropped your pole. To break your heart even more, the fishing pole sank so slowly. It was a long goodbye, followed by many tears. I don't think you'll be dropping your newest pole in the water.

Your daddy is your knight-in-shining armor. When he is at home you are his shadow. He can't go outside without you frantically running for your flip flops. Henry is the perfect dad for you. He is patient, understanding, cares about your day and what you've accomplished. I'm so proud of him.

One thing you and your dad definitely have in common is your love of music. While Dad likes play instruments, you are the singer of the family. You can be counted on to sing along with the radio, no matter if you know the song or not. It's a sort of hum/mumble. Your favorite kinds of songs are sang by women, namely Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, and Adele. The funny thing is that you know almost every song we hear on the radio. Your dad is a music catalog and can learn songs really quick, so I think you must get this from him. Thank goodness you don't get your vocal abilities from me.

I don't have the time or space to write down all the funny things you say. But, believe me, you say them, daily, hourly. Our recent conversation about where your baby sister came from comes to mind. It's probably not appropriate for the Internet, but it's one of the best. I'll tell you about it when you're older.

I think you're really mature for your age, and you're convinced that you will be a teenager at any minute. Sometimes you can be a little know-it-all, and I can't imagine where you get that from. The truth is, I see so much of myself coming out in you. You love to read. You love to be at home. You like to listen to adults talk. You like to repeat what you hear. You can be bossy. You like to know where you are going at all times and how many stops we will make. You're passionate. You rarely have major tantrums or give us a lot of behavior problems. You can be made to settle down when in public really quickly if you ever do get wild. We are able to rationalize with you and explain things and that seems to help your behavior also. I hear other parents talk about the terrible twos and threes, but we've not had either.

You don't like sharp words spoken to you. I am constantly trying to remind myself of that when I do have to get on to you. Your feelings get hurt quickly. I'm the same way.

I am so very proud of the little girl you have become. Your little sister will have the very best big sister in the world.

You're absolutely the best. You're my angel.

Love you, Mama

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