Monday, March 4, 2013

Ella Rae: 8-month newsletter

Dear Ella Rae,

Happy 8-month birthday! You're growing up so fast. But you're still so sweet.

You and Riley usually take a bath together (if I can persuade her). It's so much easier on me to get you both bathed at the same time. You two play and have a good time in the bubbles. Your favorite toy is a turtle. Every time I put you in the bath tub, you grab for that turtle. And it goes directly to your mouth.

Riley loves taking a bath with you. She watches to make sure she doesn't splash water in your face and doesn't like it if you fall backwards. In the bath, she is uninhibited. She doesn't seem to remember her nakedness when she is out of the bath tub because she won't undress in front of you. I've reminded her that you take baths together but she doesn't care.

Speaking of Riley, she is growing up to be a sweet, smart, young lady. She is your number one protector, too. It hurts Riley's feelings more than it actually hurts you if she bumps you or drops a toy on you. She was trying to give you a kiss in the bath tub and it knocked you backwards; it just about killed her soul. You had long past quit crying, but not her. She hates for anything to happen to you that might hurt you. 

She is trying her hardest to teach you to crawl. You're there and you're ready, with lots of rocking back and forth, but you just haven't taken that first crawl. Riley crawls all around you trying to inspire your movements. It won't be long until you've got it figured out, no doubt in part thanks to Riley. 

We're all so tired. Our weekends aren't long enough and our weeks too long. At least weekly, Riley asks to stay home from school. You're tired too, because on Saturdays you sleep most of the day. 

You're loving your new high chair and eating in it. When I put small pieces of food on your tray you really concentrate to pick the food up. You take eating very serious, unless Riley is eating at the same time. When Riley is eating at the table with you, all you do is watch what she is doing. You will open your mouth sideways for the spoon so you don't have to look away from Riley. 

When Riley was about your age her nose turned orange from the vegetables I fed her. My cousin once told me Riley's nose was dirty. I even made sure to mix her foods so she wouldn't have orange foods two days in a row. All to no avail. She just had an orange nose. Well, Ella, you do too. The end of your nose is just orange. I was extra pre-cautious with you because I knew what had happened to Riley's nose. It will go away in a few months. 

Well-meaning strangers still mistake you for a boy, maybe because you don't have any hair. You've got some, just not enough to really notice. I am starting to notice where it's grown in at the back of your head, but you've got a long way to go. Riley even asked when you would have long, curly hair. 

Our whole family loves you so much. You are the happiest, most congenial baby I could have ever asked for. 

Love you, Ella Rae. 

Love, Mama

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