Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ella Rae: 9-month newsletter

Dear Ella,

This month I want to talk about your likes and dislikes.

attention - From me or even a stranger, you just want someone to talk to you, tickle you, or play with you.
kisses - You LOVE to be kissed on the neck. You just lay there and let it happen, giggling the whole time.
Skype with Daddy - When we Skype with Daddy, you begin the jumping or bouncing routine. You are so excited to see him.
feeding yourself - You love finger foods. The best are Cheetos, English peas, and Mandarin oranges. You do your best to pick everything up.
baths with Riley - You watch her the whole time. She gets a little irritated because you always scoot over close to her. You really don't leave her much room in the bath tub.
sleeping with Mama - Mama doesn't like it so much.
rides in your wagon - We've only had a couple rides because of weather, but you love it. Riley rides her bicycle alongside and you look at everything.

being left alone - I have to put you down in the living room when I'm getting ready for work. I am in and out of the room and Riley is usually around. But no one is sitting with you entertaining you, and you can't stand it. You don't like being left out. 
getting your nose cleaned - I know most babies don't like this either, but you've taken that to a whole new level. Your cries are almost enough for me to let you go with a snotty nose. Almost. 
food not getting to your mouth quickly enough - Generally we all sit down at the table and eat together. So that means I have to feed you and myself at the same time. You, however, see no reason the spoon should take a quick break in order for me to eat a bite. If you see me eating anything your mouth starts watering. 
getting out of the bath tub - You would stay and play for hours. I already let you stay in until your water gets cold. 
having your shirt taken off - You act like I'm skinning you alive when I take your top off, or put it on for that matter. 
the time after your bath until bedtime - I guess you're really tired at this time of day and all you seem to do it whine and fuss. I just don't have it in me to put you to bed before 6:00 p.m., no matter how good of a sleeper you are. 

Riley has likes and dislikes, too. 

new coloring book - A new coloring book or activity book will keep you occupied for weeks. 
playing with Ella - You love to make her laugh! She loves you, too. 
learning - We've planted a few plants and I hope they continue to grow. You loved seeing them the day little green shoots popped out of the soil. And, when the herbs are finished growing we're going to cook with them. You're really excited. 
asking questions - 1,000 per day, easy. 

getting in trouble - You want to please and usually you do. There's just a few times when you get in trouble now, and I can't remember the last time you were punished. 
not being noticed for something - For instance, you got new shoes in West Virginia. You want people to notice and comment on your new light-up shoes. It hurts your feelings and you feel personally slighted if someone doesn't notice. 
when I tell people something funny you said - I usually hear a, "You're not supposed to tell people that!" While dropping you off in front of your school one day last week, just as the principal was about to open your door you said, "I've never seen Mrs. Hurst look so beautiful!" It was so sweet I just had to tell her. You were embarrassed! 

I'm at the point where I just can't stay caught up with anything. My house is a disaster most of the time. I have no time for my yard. Feeding and bathing two kids is taking up all of my energy. I guess I'm overwhelmed and needing a break. I think missing Spring Break at home really hurt me but I'm looking forward to being off on Friday! It's much needed and well deserved in my opinion. So, I can't imagine what it will be like with three littles instead of two. How will I ever?

I do try and remind myself of what is important and what can wait until tomorrow. I try to spend time playing and reading books with both of you, instead of running around trying to steam clean carpets or dust ceiling fans. Riley and Ella, you both bring me so much happiness and pleasure, and just feeling and knowing that is enough to keep me going.

Love my girls so much.

Love, Mama

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