Monday, April 29, 2013

Ella Rae - 10 month newsletter

Dear Ella Rae,

You've blossomed into the smiliest, happiest baby here lately. You love to laugh and smile at anybody. Riley makes you laugh the most, with Daddy following at a close second.

In one short month, you've just about gotten over the being left alone in a room. Maybe because you started crawling! You can crawl anywhere you want, which is nice but also gives me more to do. Riley has had to adjust as well. She's not used to keeping her small toys picked up off the floor. If she finds anything small she picks it up and lets me know that "Ella can not play with this little thing." Riley is very conscious of your well-being and it still hurts her feelings so much if you are hurt because of her. She tried to tickle you the other day and you fell back and hit your head. It scared you more than anything, but it absolutely broke Riley's heart.

Ella, I still can't believe you are my baby. You are my baby. You are so perfect in every way. I love to play with you and snuggle up with you. You and I both love to let you try out new foods. There isn't anything you don't like. You'll eat anything!

One of our favorite games to play is "No, no." Anytime someone says "no, no" you shake your head and sometimes say "no, no" back at us. You really shake your head! All the way to one side and back again. I'm not sure how you picked this up, because we haven't gotten to the point where we tell you "no, no" all the time. Maybe you're smart like your Mama! ;)

You've also got two top teeth coming in. Your mouth is a dangerous place to stick a finger now-a-days!

We had some pictures made a few weeks ago, as you can tell. I desperately wanted you to have something to look at to prove you were the baby, if even for a little while. Kim Fisher came to Grandad's and took these for us. I was shocked there was even one good picture! Between you and Riley, Kim had her work cut out for her! All you wanted to do was crawl around on the blanket and Riley wanted to do her silly poses. I was stressed! They turned out great and I'm so happy to have had these made. 

Ella, in a couple of weeks you are having a procedure done on your ears. You have to go under anesthesia. I know everything will be fine, but most likely I will be by myself with you during this time. I hate for anything to be wrong with my little baby but I know this procedure will help you out so much! The pain you've been in since December isn't fair and I don't like it happening. We will both have to be big girls that morning!

I love you so much, Ella. You're my heart's beat.

Love, Mama

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  1. Love this post with the pictures - you do a great job!