Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ella Rae : 13-month newsletter

Dear Ella

This month finds you in a brand new role: big sister. When you first came to the hospital you were definitely unsure of the situation. You wanted me to hold you, but less than an hour after a c-section and tubal ligation was a little soon for me to try and wrestle you. You didn't like that! Since then, you've definitely warmed up to Nolan. You love to give him kisses. But the best part for you is when we praise you for being so sweet. You are so sweet! 

And at that time you wanted nothing to do with Nolan. The two nights I spent in the hospital were also the first nights you had spent away from you. You gave Paw-Paw a run for his money! You're very rambunctious and rough. You love to tussle and are still trying to walk. You can take just a few steps but you're still timid.

The physical difference between you and Nolan is astonishing. It's like you grew up overnight. You are very plump and round and soft while Nolan is skinny and little.

You won't talk but you communicate by grunts and whines. Oh the whines!  You're sort of fussy. And you will point to whatever it is that you want. We are left to read your mind, usually incorrectly. 

You had a great birthday party (almost a month late). Lots of friends were here and you got lots of new toys that you love.

You and your daddy are pals. You like to sit with him when he plays the guitar. You love to dance and laugh to his music.

You are a sweet little sister and a loving big sister. You love it when Riley plays with you. You've just started giving Nolan huge wet kisses.

We love you so much Ella Rae. You're my little baby.

Love, mama

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