Friday, September 20, 2013

August 2013 Newsletter

Riley: you're now the big sister of a little sister and a little brother. You were made for this role. You love to play with Ella. You create mountains out of pillows, put all the toys together for "pre-school," and otherwise entertain Ella most of the day. 

You also started back to pre-k. You love school! 

You're very responsible and dependable. One of your fvrite things is for me to leave you alone with Nolan and Ella. For instance, if I run a trash bag to the dumpster outside, you proudly proclaim, "I'm in charge!" I can also leave Nolan on the couch with you and take a quick shower. You are my extra pair of hands. 

Ella: Whew! You are definitely the handful! You went from taking a few steps and falling down to running around the house! It's so much better than carrying you everywhere. This is the first newsletter since Nolan was born; a lot changed overnight for you. You've come a long way since we first brought him home. At first, you wanted to lay on him or sit on him, just trying to get a closer look. Now, you like to give him kisses and rub his head. Sometimes your rubbing is quiet rough but it's obvious you love him already. You don't like to hear him wail. 

You really like to read books and put lotion on. When you bring a book or a bottle of lotion to us, you throw it in our laps. You have a great arm already. 

You haven't started talking yet but communicate through whining and grunting. Lots of whining. You get really frustrated easily especially when we can't figure out what you want or if you want something you can't have. Telling you no starts a battle. You will shake your whole little body in anger. And scowl! 

We took a trip to Mamaw's a few weeks ago. It was her first time meeting Nolan. You marched over to him and kissesd him on the head and then looked back at Mamaw. You were so proud to be his big sister in that moment. 

Nolan: Mr., its time you start sleeping through the night. Or at least just waking up once. I guess you're still a little bit too young but I am more than ready. You like to eat frequently and that ties me up for a while. You still sleep in a bassinet in my room, and some nights you wind up in bed with me. 

You're a good baby overall. You don't cry much. Napping and sleeping in general could be better but I won't complain too much. You're definitely the noisiest of all my babies. You toot,  grunt and moan, sometimes throughout your whole nap. You are bad about spitting up too. Riley spit up some, Ella none, but you most of all. I go through almost all of our burp rags. 

People love your name. I do too.

You have the whitest tongue. 

I took two extra weeks of maternity leave with you. You will be starting day care when you are 8 weeks old. That's pretty little! I am ready to settle into our school routine and have a few minutes to myself. 

It's a lot of work raising three of you. When we go anywhere alone I have to carry Ella on my hip and Nolan in his car seat. That's a workout! It doesn't happen much either. 

Love my family! You are all my life's pleasure. 

Love, Mama

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