Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 2013 newsletter


I don't think there's ever been a more mature 5 year old big sister. You are so grown up! When you're not playing with your Monster High dolls you love to play with Ella. You really love to play with her! Y'all are best friends.

I think you're the happiest that your daddy is home. You pal around with him all day long. He's remodeling our storage building right now, and if he's out there, you're out there. You are his big helper.

You also love to help me cook. It's hard to slow down and let you help me all the time, but it makes you feel very important to help. At times you do too much, like the other day when you got on top of the counter to put up dishes and accidentally knocked the coffee pot into the floor, shattering it into a million pieces. We had no idea you wanted to help clean up that bad! And other times I'll ask you to clean your room and you'll tell me you will do it later or tomorrow. Ha!

Ella Rae,

Well hello, Miss Talkative. You've really turned it on this past month. You can say: mama, dada, Riley, Nolan, no-no (meaning Nolan), no!, bye-bye, more, puppy, paw-paw and nana (meaning banana). I love hearing you talk! I think even more so since you didn't talk for the longest.

Several weeks ago I taught you two different signs to make when you wanted milk and "more." You picked up on both of these so very well. Your daddy couldn't believe it when he came home! He wanted to know if day care taught you that. Well, no. I did! I'm proud too. Whenever you want milk, you make the sign. When you want more, you make the sign. It's made life a little easier knowing what you want sometimes. Other times you still whine and point, but you're making great progress. We're working on a couple other signs now.

Ella, we think you're the most compassionate little girl ever! You hate for Nolan to cry. I had to use the nose bulb on him the other day to remove some snot. You were sitting right by us and when he started to wail, you started to wail. You were just as unconsolable as he was and it wasn't even you being worked on! You're also good about giving him his paci when he needs it, as long as you don't want it.


You're just the best baby! You get lots of compliments about it too. You don't cry much. You like to sleep. You love to play. I think that's the biggest development with you over the last month: play time! If you're hanging out, either on the floor or in someone's lap, you MUST have a toy. It goes straight to your mouth.

Laughing and smiling. That's about it!

I'm not sure at what point things around this house will get easier. I get bogged down in laundry, keeping the house clean enough, dishes washed, etc. It's hard! Even with Henry's help there is always someone who needs something and always something that needs to be done. I enjoy the time to myself and with Henry when every one is in bed. It's peaceful! 

We love our babies. 

Love you babies.

Love, Mama

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