Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 2014 Newsletter


Finally, you graduated pre-K for the last time. You're a little apprehensive about starting Kindergarten, but I know you'll do great. You can read tons of words and can sound out a bunch, too. You're ready. You love school. Sometimes in the afternoons you can be found "doing my homework."

There are nearly four years between you and Ella. This doesn't stop you from playing with her all the time. You and Ella are best friends.


Your speech is improving so much! You constantly say "What's that?" Even when you should say "Who's that?" I answer your question, and tell you what the object is, and you ask again. And again.

You hate loud noises. Our neighborhood is fairly quiet, but let a loud truck or motorcycle come into the vicinity, and you have an episode. You can't stand the vacuum cleaner. However, you are the loudest person I've ever met. Your cry/whine is loud and monotonous. You love to walk around drumming and singing. Constant noise. You are a noise maker.

And a mess maker. Bless your little heart. You want to eat cereal or yogurt for breakfast, but it is entirely too messy. I'll make special allowances, but I may as well get ready to clean up a big mess. Eating in general is a battle with you. When it's time to sit down and eat, you either don't like what I've prepared, or you don't seem hungry. If you happen to want to eat a few bites, you want to carry the food into the living room. Ugh. Another big mess! When we eat, it's our family all together, and no one but you gets up during the meal. If the t.v. is on you will go back and forth between the kitchen and living room. So naturally, I now turn the t.v. off.


While your sisters are making messes, you are usually somewhere close observing everything. You play right along with them. You are just as loud as Ella when you sing/yell. Your cry is pretty loud, too.

You're a bit of whiner of late, probably because of three new teeth. I didn't think you would ever get any teeth, and finally this past month I felt one coming in. You've been the puniest and whiniest while teething. Mostly, you want to sit in my lap and be held. You're a little bit spoiled. But you're the baby and that's what my baby gets.

You're pretty good at making messes, just like Ella. You're by far the messiest eater that I've had.

You're an expert crawler, and you're starting to cruise around on furniture. You're really proud of your newfound mobility. It's funny when you get in a hurry.

I'm overly excited that school is finally out. I hope we get to have lots of fun this summer! I'm already feeling better than I have the previous two years since I'm not pregnant.

In general, you kids are beating me at everything we do. I can't keep the house clean. If I happen to clean the kitchen, I turn around and Nolan has somehow got a bowl of raspberries off a table and is squeezing them all over the place. That was nice. I finally get everyone in the bath tub, only to turn around to Riley saying, "Ella pooped in the tub!" That was a nice mess. I just can't keep up and that's hard to accept.

We've got a great life. It's fun and always interesting. I hope you three babies know how much your Daddy and I love you, and the lengths we both go to to provide for you. It's not easy, but we would do anything to give you the lives you deserve. We love you so much!

Love, Mama

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