Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break 2015

When we were finally able to begin our Spring Break, we had a great week! I made some spending money and set that aside just for me and the kids to do fun things during our break.

Monday night: 

Dairy Queen was offering free ice cream cones so we had to get a few of those. It was a messy affair! 

After we got back home, we decided to walk up to Paw-Paw's house. This walk is a good way to burn off some energy!


Our first big activity was a trip to the Fish Hatchery in Athens. One of the first things we did was feed the catfish. Their aquarium is open at the top and I just threw some pellets into the water. These catfish would go up to the surface and after grabbing a pellet, they would swish their tails out of the water. With the girls standing right up next to the aquarium, water came splashing down on them. Riley screamed and ran off, not really screaming because she was scared, just screaming to scream. Ella felt the water, ran off, and started screaming. She was screaming because she was startled by the splashing water. Just a few moments later when she realized what had really happened, she was laughing and clapping and excited to get wet again. Nolan was observing all of this from about ten feet away. When the girls started screaming, he started screaming. He was scared! 

We made our way to the gift shop where there were lots of things to break. The kids decided on bouncing balls as their souvenir. The gift shop attendants were running all over the place trying to pick up other toys my kids had thrown down. Then the balls I was buying started bouncing all over the place. Those ladies were glad to see us leave. 

We headed towards the pond, al the while chasing bouncing balls. I just knew a couple would end up in the pond. Nolan had a shoe come off, so I had to put everything I was carrying down on the ground and put his shoe back on his foot. When I stood back up, I managed for forget my keys in the grass. My heart just sank when we were headed for the car and I couldn't find my keys. So, back through the entire museum we went. As we were walking back out towards the pond, I remembered where I had probably left my keys. I found them, just laying in the open grass. Whew!


I wanted Riley to see Cinderella, the newest Disney movie. We picked up one of Riley's friends and headed to the theater. I also decided this was the best day ever to try and potty train Ella. We got to the theater, got some snacks, stopped at the bathroom, and found our seats. Ella wouldn't use the bathroom, so I knew what I was in for. Anyway, we settled in and the movie started. Ella and Nolan were great for about thirty minutes. Then, the popcorn hit the floor. Then, Ella runs to me and says, "Tee-tee!" I spring into action, thinking she wants to go to the potty. Nope. Using my phone as a flash light I was able to get her changed. During this fiasco, Nolan had wandered to the other end of our row and brought back something hanging out of his mouth. I jerked it out, only to discover it was a gummy worm, or something like it. I hadn't purchased a gummy worm or something like it. So that was nice to think about. Next, two bags of our popcorn hit the floor. Ella and Nolan started running up and down the stairs. I was praying the movie would end in a hurry! Just picture complete chaos going on on the top row of a movie theater while you're trying to enjoy a movie. I'm that lady. Riley and her friend were so great!


I had talked about going tot he zoo, but the weather was a little iffy. Instead, we went to the Discovery Science Place in Tyler. I had high hopes that the kids would run around and play and burn off lots of energy. This is pretty much what they did! All three loved exploring the exhibits. The Brookshire's play area was a favorite. 

After DSP, I had a $50 gift card to Olive Garden that needed to be spent. We headed there for spaghetti. The kids were really pretty good during lunch. Nolan is still in a stage where he doesn't eat half the time, but Ella and Riley can be counted on to throw down at the table. I took Ella and Nolan's shirts off, because I learned early on with Riley that orange sauces stain clothes. I am in no mood to ruin a good shirt! Off their shirts went. 

Ella had the time of her life eating spaghetti. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. 

Our trip to Olive Garden wrapped things up for us. We had a really nice, relaxing Spring Break! I'm already counting down the Mondays until Summer Break!

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