Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Weekend!


We are coming off an amazing weekend, and right now it’s only Saturday. To start things off, Braxton and Aunt Morgan spent the night Friday night.

010 This means you were a wild little girl from the moment you saw Braxton! You love to show-off your toys to him. You two play so well together right now, and you especially since you aren’t around kids all day. You are totally different with him; playing with toys you haven’t cared about since they came home from the store. Last night there was also a lot of jumping on the bed!

Saturday morning was the Rose parade right down the street from our apartment. Of course, we were there, your Daddy too!


One float threw some candy for all the kids to pick up, and somehow we ended up with candy cigarettes. Braxton approved. You, Riley, did not.

031 Oh, I almost forgot. You were probably the only little girl to get put in time-out at the parade. Sometimes, YOU DON’T MIND!

035 You can thank your Dad for this gem of a picture.

After the parade, Aunt Morgan and I took you and Braxton to Moore Farms in Flint, Texas. Moore Farms is a cute little pumpkin patch and corn maze. When we first got there we hopped on the hay ride. Fun!

113-1 Eventually, the hay ride took us over to the pumpkin patch. We jumped out and started searching for the perfect pumpkin.

114 115 116 117 Braxton helped too!

123 126 There were photo opportunities all over Moore Farms!

128 Although finding willing participants for pictures is sometimes challenging.


We also checked out the hay bale maze. This maze was a little more suited for you and Braxton. Aunt Morgan was a little afraid of letting you two loose in the 5 acre corn maze130 131It didn’t take long for you to go missing in the hay bale maze. I have to say I panicked for a minute when you went missing. Luckily, you came running, scared of course, when I was calling your name.

134 143 There was a “sand box” filled with corn for you and Braxton to play in. This was a big hit!

145 Braxton loved petting the baby hog. Yes, wild hog.


It really was a great day! I am so thankful Aunt Morgan and I had you and Braxton so close together. We get to spend so much time together. One thing for sure, there is never a dull moment!

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  1. Cute! that pumpkin patch looks like it could have used a little rain ;)