Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Dear Riley,

Don’t get mad, you were a bumble bee last year and we made you wear the same costume again this year. Bad parents of the year award, right here.

This was Halloween 2009:

riley1sthalloween riley1sthalloween1 riley1sthalloween2 Again, we just went to Broadway Square Mall and walked around letting you trick-or-treat. You actually said “Trick-or-treat”, well at least WE knew what you were saying.

027 How dare we wake you up from a nap to go TRICK-OR-TREATING! World’s worst parents, for sure!

 042 You were such a big girl! You didn’t need much help with your bucket, and only a few reminders to say “Thank you!”

043 Oh, you see that black dot on your face? There were many face-painting booths set up. After watching a few little girls get their face painted you decided you were ready. We stood in line to let a really nice lady paint your face. We decided on a spider to kinda go along with your costume.

037 You were doing pretty well up until this point. You then decided the paint brush hurt and you hopped down and came running.

038 So this was your spider. Scary!

034-1 One end of The Mall had a Sky Jump apparatus. The guys tether you to two poles, strap you in, and you bounce on a small trampoline. You cried when at first we weren’t going to let you do this. Your Daddy made a special trip to the ATM to get $7 for you to Sky Jump. I was convinced you wouldn’t do it; boy was I wrong! See, you are normally a big scaredy cat (I mean that in the sweetest way possible). Anyway, you loved the Sky Jump, and you went REALLY high! It was awesome to see you being so independent; I am still astonished you did this!



Happy Halloween! I can’t wait to share many, many more with you! My little bumble bee!


Love, Momma

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  1. Looks like she had a great time! The costume looks different without the long sleeve shirt so it's sort of different ;) I didn't even dress Sawyer up so I may beat you for the Mother of the Year award!