Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snow White


I posted a few weeks ago about a Saturday night where you and I ate popcorn and watched Snow White, one of my favorite movies ever.

Well, little did I know I created a monster that night. Somehow, you have become addicted to Snow White. Seriously. Two days ago, you begged to watch Snow White 3 different times, all before 1:00. I turned the movie on for you 3 different times. For the most part, Snow White keeps you entertained for a solid 30 minutes, sometimes longer. On some days this is a welcome relief, it’s also a pain to have to watch Snow White over and over and over again. Not to mention, you are CONSTANTLY harassing your Daddy and me to “Watch Snow White!” Literally, you would only watch Snow White if we would let you.

When the movie comes on, you like to point out the castle, the mean queen (“She mean".”), Snow White and the Prince. You sometimes get upset when Snow White cries, and in the video below you will see just how upset you get when the bunny rabbits try to comfort her. Every time you watch this scene, you scream like this. Every.time. Instead of singing “High ho, high ho!” you sing “Bye ho, bye ho!” It’s really pretty cute.

Riley, I truly wouldn’t want to watch any other movie with you. Maybe one day I will love Snow White as much as you do. Pocahontas (another childhood favorite of mine) comes out on DVD at the end of November. Move over Snow White, we WILL be watching Pocahontas at least once a week! I really love that movie!

Love, Mama