Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 2014 - Newsletter


You are my best friend. I love when you coming running into my classroom after school. I love to talk to you about your day.

You have a t.v. set up in your room. All you mainly watch is Nick Jr., Disney Jr., etc. Those channels have commercials and you've got several memorized. If you were the one to buy our household items, you would no doubt make purchases based on the commercials you see. You want me to buy OxyClean, and actually told your dad, "OxyClean does remove tough stains." Ha! Tonight at dinner you had a great segue into one of your commercials. It went like this:

you: Mom, what will you do if all of our babysitters are busy?

me: I guess I would have to stay home.

you: No, Mom. Just call care.dom and they will find a good babysitter for us.

Ha! You've got several other commercials up your sleeve. It's always funny when they come out because it sounds EXACTLY like the commercial.


Paci thief! We've decided it's not fair for Nolan to have a paci if you can't have one. Never  mind the fact that I took yours away in August. You still go after Nolan's paci. You're getting really smart about this whole paci thing, too. Last night, Daddy was coming after one in your mouth and you tried to hide it under your legs. It was funny! You also hide them throughout the house and will go get one when it's needed. You will also wait on us to turn around and then rip it out of Nolan's mouth.

I've probably mentioned the sign language I taught you. Your main sign is "more." You are constantly using that sign. You put your little fingers together and say, "more." In the beginning, we would give more of whatever you wanted whenever you wanted it. But now, you use your sign when you can't have more. Honestly, three cups of juice are too much. It's really hard to tell you no when you're using that sign. Your little fingers are so cute.

You love to go! We've been walking around the block with the wagon, and you really like that. You also like for Nolan to lay on your stomach and look at you.


Little sweet baby. I just love hugging and kissing you. Knowing you're my last baby is sad. I just love the squishiness!

You have mastered sitting up on your own. It's made things so much easier. Sometimes when I come over to pick you up off the floor, you'll raise your little arms up. Sweet!

You're getting solids at two meals. It won't be long before you need a lunch meal. Feeding you would go so much smoother if every spoonful wasn't followed by a foot or hand. You're really messy. Plus, Ella generally stands next to you and says, "ahhhhhh" on every bite. So, she gets 1/4 of everything you eat at supper. She knows to stay away at breakfast because you get cereal mixed with formula, and that makes her gag.

I asked your Dad for input on this newsletter. "What is Nolan doing that I can add?" "He likes to play and growl," was his response. Your Daddy loves you so much. He's already looking forward to doing guy things. And, you look just like him.

Love you babies.

Love, Mama

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