Monday, February 10, 2014

January 2014 Newsletter


I am loving this five-year-old stage. Our relationship has gone from me dictating your every move, to you doing somethings on your own. You can brush your teeth without being asked, and just this boring you told me you would clean your room when you got home from school. Wow!

We are also connecting on a different level. We had Blizzards from the DQ a few nights ago, and you came running to me to tell me how great the melted ice cream on top was. I agreed with you and we just talked about how good melted ice cream is. Your face was the sweetest. You knew melted ice cream was the best, and you knew I have had melted ice cream before and could understand your feeling. It was just a moment that we had and I hope I never forget the look on your face.

You seem to get into trouble at home more often than in the past. Anytime we correct or get on to you, you immediately go into pout mode and say, "I'm trying my best," or, "I can't help it." This part is tough. Nothing you do really deserves major punishment, but it's just a bunch of little things that build up.

You've been taking tumbling lessons on Monday nights, and you have really improved lately. You love to show off your cart wheels and round offs.


Whew. You're never full. As a matter of fact, you require a 24-hour buffet on your high chair tray. You would graze all day if I let you! If there is anything left on your tray after a meal, you will clean it off. You are constantly wanting something to eat. I don't think you're always hungry, but I think you get bored and wander over to your high chair.

You also love the tumbling (only at home). Anytime Riley is working on her moves, you bend over, put your head on the ground and roll to the side. It's your flip!

You love to laugh and giggle. You love to wiggle. If you hear a jingle anywhere, you immediately start a full-body wiggle. On another note, there is another dance you tend to do a lot... the tippy toe dance. This dance is reserved for outbursts of anger and frustration, especially when you don't get your way. The tippy toe dance is usually observed just before a full-on body flail in the floor.

You love to kiss Nolan and are the most loving big sister. When I pick you up from day care, I've already gathered up Nolan and all his stuff. I sit him in the hallway by your door and go in to get you. When we walk back out in the hallway to leave, the first thing you HAVE to do is kiss and love on him. You love him so much!

Just after you turned one, I took your pacifier away. Riley had hers taken away when she turned one, so I thought the same would be good for you. You already had a speech delay, and I thought the pacifier would only make that all the more worse. So, no pacifier for you. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Nolan still has his pacifier, and most of the time you steal it. You have to be watched constantly if his pacifier is in his mouth or lying loose somewhere. You are very adept at not only locating a hidden pacifier, but also finding them when he's spit it out. Your daddy and I have both threatened no more paci for anyone more times than I can count. Nolan and his paci aren't safe anywhere, even in the car. Now, you just pluck it right out of his mouth.


When Ella isn't stealing your paci, you are just the sweetest little guy around. You're happy all the time. You don't cry very often. Your world has grown this month because you've started sitting up. And you think you're a big boy! You rock back and forth and play with toys. You are also babbling up a storm!

My only complaint is that you wake up too early, usually around 5:00. Most of the time I can leave you alone until 5:30, but that's not much of an improvement.

No one makes you laugh quite like Riley. You chuckle so hard at her. She will act so crazy just to make you laugh.

You are the best three kids in the world! I love my little family and can't wait to see where we go from here!

Love, Mama

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