Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ella Rae - 1st birthday party

Dear Ella,

Your first birthday came and went without a party. Your daddy was working in Pennsylvania and I wanted to wait until he got home to have your party. However, you did get to celebrate with a giant cupcake on your birthday.

You thought it tasted pretty good. You're also sitting in the highchair at Grandmom and Grandad's house. Every baby from Stanley to Nolan has sat in that high chair. 

So, the weekend before I had Nolan we celebrated your 1st birthday with a party at our house. There were lots of friends and family there. We had a great time and you loved opening your presents. 


It's a good thing Aunt Ma was able to help since I was in such delicate condition! What a hoss! I had a really cute centerpiece on the table and a sweet cake. I can't find those pictures!

Also to commemorate your 1st birthday we had Kim Fisher take your birthday pictures. They were the best!

I love you Ella Rae. You are the sweetest baby.

Love, Mama

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