Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diaper wipe cover

Babysitting this morning, I decided to get my craft on. I made a little skirt for a diaper wipe box.

diaper wipe skirt Pretty simple! I wish I would have had a skirt for the wipes the whole time Riley has been around, but the creative juice just recently started flowing.

I cut a strip of fabric I had on hand and hemmed both ends. Then, I took a piece of elastic and connected it to the fabric with a stitch down the center. And lastly, I put my ends together and sewed them up. Really, anyone can do this! It makes the wipes look so much cuter! I have always hated the plain white box they come in.

There are so many variations to these skirts as well. If you have a monogram machine you could do monograms. I also thought about putting a “floor” to the skirt, so the diaper wipes would actually sit in the skirt. I could go on and on.

Did I mention this is washable? I am so proud!

diaper wipe cover

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  1. Love this idea! I did the way where you cover it in fabric but if the tub breaks you are sort of screwed since it's glued on! This is too cute!