Monday, July 19, 2010

Riley Claire – 22 Month Newsletter

Dear Riley,

You are so big! 22 months! I can’t even begin to believe it. You are a little person, with your own very demanding personality.

You love attention. Lately, I have realized that you are purposely getting put in time-out so you can have some extra attention. I try and recognize these situations and play with you a few extra minutes, but it’s hard, not to mention frustrating. I have this sudden realization that turning 2 years old = tantrums and the terrible twos.

rileys posing I know, this sweet girl would NEVER get in trouble, but it happens. You like to take everything out of my wallet or your Daddy’s bill fold. This was cute the first time or two, but now it’s a hassle when I get to the checkout line and my debit card isn’t in the normal spot. You’ve also taken to dumping things out. Diet coke, shampoo, water, any liquid that is near you is subject to end up on the floor. And you KNOW not to. You just want attention.

I have to admit, your Daddy is much more patient than I am. He has been trying to teach you your ABC’s for the past couple of days. He loves you so much. He is very thoughtful when it comes to you. We are both very lucky to have him.

sleeping  I still love to hold you when you are sleeping. It doesn’t happen often, but I enjoy every minute.

Oh, there is big news in your life too. But, me first. I GOT A JOB. A real teaching job. My subject area isn’t a high need field, so I have been looking, without success, for a job since March. March! It was really weird how it happened. God knew all along what would happen, and of course I became impatient and gave up all hope. Anyway, it’s a great school district and just the type of job I wanted. I am so excited. The bad part? You have to go back to daycare. You were in daycare for 4 1/2 months when you were younger, but it’s been well over a year since you were cared for by anyone but me or family. I’ve enrolled you in an excellent daycare program; I know you will love it! Riley, you are really going to have a great time. Really. Maybe I have to convince myself of that a little bit too. The first day is going to be so hard on me. You too, probably. I have to focus on how great the experience will be for you and how much you will learn and grow in that type of environment. If I don’t, I will feel guilty and cry the whole time, just like I am now. Just remember, when you start anything new, it’s okay to  be scared. It’s okay to cry too. You don’t have to like it at first either and it will take time to adjust to your new surroundings. But Riley, you have such a great smile and personality that everyone will love you. Always.

Next month I will tell you how much you love daycare. And the month after that you turn two. Please stop growing up!

005 Dirty face and runny nose, I love you. I love all of you so much.



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  1. You always kill me with these! The great part of her going to daycare is that she is old enough for you to know if something isn't right, she will make new friends and that little personality will develop even more!