Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Riley’s Room Transformation – Part 2

At the rate I’m going, there are likely to be many, many parts to Riley’s room transformation, but slow and steady win the race. Or at least I am hoping.

So, the last project I finished is this beauty…

003I started with a blank, white canvas I got at Michael’s. I painted the zebra stripes with black stencil paint. The stencil paint was great because it didn’t bleed and run everywhere.

005  To paint the zebra stripes, I started out using a method where I would tear a piece of paper into strips and then tape it down and then paint in-between the strips. Then I got smart and used drew the stripes on with a pencil. That worked so much better. I have NEVER painted and am not artistic at all, so anyone can do this.

I also had a lime green boa from a party several months ago just sitting around in Riley’s room. I hot glued the boa to the outside of the canvas after I painted it.

lime green boa

Several weeks ago I bought a bright pink “R” monogram, and I just hot glued it to the center of the painted canvas.

As luck would have it, my boa wasn’t large enough to go around the entire canvas; I had about two inches left to cover. I got creative and made a fabric flower.

I borrowed from more than one tutorial to come up with my flower. I have a ton of fabrics. I will never have to buy fabric again thanks to my Grandmom’s stash. So, I used what I had and came up with this fabric flower, with a hot pink button glued on the center.

fabric flower 036 And there you have it. This could be modified in so many ways for so many room themes. Very easy, and very cute. It wasn’t expensive either, maybe $12 bucks.

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