Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dallas World Aquarium

Dear Riley,

So far, I’ve had great success with jury duty. Not only do I miss a day of work, but I get released at 9:30, every time. So a couple of days ago when we found ourselves with nothing to do and me off work, we decided to take you to the Dallas World Aquarium. I had been in high school, but you and your daddy had never been to anything like it!

We loved walking around and looking at nature with you. You, not so much. When you finally got over the smell and quit gagging you really had a great time. I should mention, Daddy took you to the zoo a few weeks ago and you gagged the whole time there too.

And anyway, your dad took 100 photos of wildlife, you can look at those sometime if you want. Here are the good ones!




1200 lb river manatee! You really liked him!


My favorite, the Orinoco River Croc, only 250 left in the wild!



And you’ve reached the age that you don’t like your picture taken; you hide your face every time.

We had a pretty great day! Love you and our little family!

Love, Mama

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