Monday, May 16, 2011

Riley Claire–2 years, 8 month newsletter

Dear Riley,
These months go by way too fast for me. I can still remember when you needed to be burped all the time, and were learning to walk.
You are a big bundle of energy in a tiny body. You run, jump, flip, and flop all day long. You love to play catch with Daddy. If it’s outside, that’s fine with you. You love to write with sidewalk chalk and are learning to ride a pink tricycle.
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You like to meet new friends, or ballerinas as you call them. Every girl is a ballerina, but you are a princess. I don’t know where you come up with some of the things you say!
Your favorite question is “What’s that?” To which, I can’t ignore; you demand an answer. And to many answers, you have another question, “What’s that?”
You still don’t sleep in your bed all the way through the night. At least once during the night, one of us has to get up and sleep with you, or have you sleep in our bed. I prefer to sleep in your bed a few minutes and then get back in my bed, where I can actually get some sleep. But, laying with you is so peaceful: I could watch you dream all night. Your breathing is even and quiet, your chest rises and falls rhythmically, and your eyes sometimes flutter with the sweet dreams you are having.
And, we know you dream. You dream about getting married quite a bit. You can’t stop talking about getting married many mornings.
You’ve recently began taking care of babies. You like to hold them and love on them, make the dolls “play”, and push the dolls in a stroller. I heard this conversation the other day:
You: “You want to go to the park?”
Dolls: Silence
You: “I bet you do.”
Riley, you have very tender feelings. Harsh scolding or lack of attention will send you pouting and sometimes bring you to tears. You have cute fake whimper that you use at no discretion.
Love you more than I ever thought was possible. You’re my sweet girl.
Love, Mama

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