Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Artist

Dear Riley,

You love to paint! I can thank Aunt Morgan for that, I know. Today, we pulled out all the paint I have, which isn’t much, and started painting! You were very excited!




You are very serious when you paint.



Your Daddy even sat down and painted with you. You have a patient and loving Daddy. You are a very lucky little girl.

Originally, I was going to frame your masterpiece and hang it in your room, but we didn’t have the right type of paint this time. I’m going to get you more paint and more canvases though, I want you to have lots of opportunities to express yourself artistically.

Love, Mama

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  1. Lol! How did I know that I'd be brought up in this one! She is interested in lots of things and she's good at most of them! Proud Aunt of a very smart little girl! We love Ri-Ri!