Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Moon

I was privileged to stare at the Moon from Brownsboro all the way to Tyler tonight. It was beautiful.

Some thoughts I had…

Amazingly hypnotic

It was truly amazing. I’ve never seen the Moon so beautiful. I felt so peaceful and small staring at it.

Not sure what kind of camera one would need to properly photograph the Moon, but this is my feeble effort tonight.


In no way does my photo do the Moon any justice. It’s not a completely clear night tonight, so thick clouds would waft across the Moon, creating a haunting sight. Every-so-often I would get a perfect few seconds to view the Moon in all its glory.  If it wasn’t so cold I could lie on my back all night staring at the Moon.

The Moon made the drive I was dreading more than worth it.

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