Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4th of July Quilt

About 5 years ago I was the girl who dreamed of having her own family and sitting beneath the fireworks on 4th of July. I wanted the husband and the child. I had these things last year on 4th of July, but Riley wasn't really big enough to stay up that late or watch fireworks. Now that my dream will come to fruition this year, I want the perfect blanket/quilt to sit on. I have been combing the Internet and so far these quilts will serve as my inspiration:

1. A patriotic Union quilt from Patterns From History. This is a very simple quilt, but very beautiful. Of course, my great-great-great Grandfather fought with the Confederates, so he probably wouldn't appreciate me making this exact quilt. It is inspirational, still.

2. If you are interested, check this link out. I never really thought about how to construct a star, but this site lays it out so easily. I can't wait to make a star using this template!

3. A rail fence patriotic quilt. Love this! Rail fences are time consuming, but so pretty on the eye! This pattern is from Marysquilts.blogspot.com.

4. This quilt is from a Quilter's Guild in Austin, Texas. I love this quilt and love that these ladies donate finished quilts to soldiers. This is definitely my favorite patriotic quilt. It's so beautiful and uses many different fabrics.

5. This quilt is so cute! I love the little girls. My Grandmother made a quilt for me with 24 of these little girls in different and coordinating fabrics. This patriotic quilt reminds me of my Grandmom. This quilt pattern can be found here.

6. Lastly, this is my true inspiration. I really love this flag and this county. I feel blessed to wake up each day under this flag. She provides me with freedom.

I plan on starting my 4th of July patriotic quilt this week. I may have to round up a few extra fabrics, mainly whites. I hope to use old sheets and vintage fabrics as well as a few new yards of modern fabric. As always, cutting the pieces out takes the absolute longest, but I will endeavor to persevere. I can't wait to post pictures of my finished quilt!

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