Friday, March 12, 2010

Riley Claire - 18 Month Newsletter

Dear Riley,

You are practically grown! I can't believe you are halfway to being 2 years old! How time flies! You are an angel, no doubt.

Let's talk about your eye color. You have blue eyes. Very blue. They aren't gray and they aren't hazel. Your Daddy and I both have brown eyes. Very brown. I know most babies are born with blue eyes and then they change, and I have always said your eyes would change. They haven't. Your eyes are as blue as ever. Secretly, I think they will still change. Sometimes I have a hard time accepting things.

You have a temper. I tell everyone you take after your Daddy's temperment, but really, you get it from me. (Your Daddy hardly ever gets mad. NEVER! It's amazing. I can get hot tempered about the least little thing, but not Henry. We balance each other out pretty well in that department.) You get FURIOUS if we change the channel from your cartoons. Changing the channel is no longer an option. And you will not ignore turning the volume down, just a little. Also, you love to "write." If you have a pen, marker, or crayon in your hand all is well in the world. But, if we have to put the writing utensil away, hell hath no furry like Riley scorned. Rarely will a distraction work to get you back to your normal, sweet self.

Riley, you are an outside girl. You LOVE to be outside. The weather is just starting to turn warm-ish. Living in Texas, weather is subject to change hourly, but for now it's pretty beautiful outside. We have been on several walks and played at the park. At the park where you try to steal the other kids' balls, but that is another story. You really love to play outside at Grandmom and Grandad's house. You love when I shoot that basketball into the hoop. Sometimes I wish I would have never showed you that trick because that's ALL you want me to do. You really wear me out! I need your energy.

You love to explore and play with other kids. You give the best "sugars." You love to drink out of a straw. You love your Daddy. You capture my heart with your giggles. You have been the pleasure of my life.

I love you, Riley!



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  1. cute, love this idea of keeping up w/ all her milestones...i planned on keeping a journal like this when Karis was smaller, but I just never actually did it, and now with two I probably wont :(
    but I do think they're growing up too fast, Jackson is 18 months too and it just seemed like time has flown by and it didn't seem to go that fast with's kinda sad they aren't babies anymore