Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring in Tyler, Texas

I have always loved Tyler year-round. But, Spring is the greatest time to be a Tylerite. My calendar is packed with festivals, art shows, flower markets and other events. And the best part about most of these events: I live in walking distance to many of them! How great it that? Riley loves riding in her stroller...

and my pregnancy weight won't mind a bit! If you live in or around Tyler you should definitely get out and enjoy the fun!

Here's a few of our planned events!

  • March 7 - Chili cook-off at Gander Mountain. The fun starts at 11:00 and believe me, I will show up with my appetite. 
  • March 7 - Music and Arts festival at The Tyler Library. The library is only about three blocks from where we live, so we will definitely walk off our calories from the chili cook-off. And who knows, we may even check out a few books too. This event starts at 2:00. 
  • March 12 - Ok, so probably my most favorite event of all: The Tyler Public Library's Spring book sale. The books here will be one sale for $.50, $1.00, $2.00. That's not a typ-o. I almost don't want to share this event with anyone because I am so stingy about books. But, I'm being generous and I hope to pick up books for Riley and my growing collection. 
  • March 18 - Tyler State Park walking tour. You can either ride in your vehicle for the self-guided tour, or walk on one of the many walking trails. Again, Riley will be cruising in her stroller! 
  • March 20 - Azalea Arts and Crafts Fair. This event kicks off the Azalea Trail which lasts from March 19 - April 4. If you have never driven or walked through my neighborhood during this time of year you are truly missing out on a great experience! It's so beautiful! and I imagine the arts and crafts festival will be great too! 
  • March 25 - Another book sale! This one is hosted by the Smith County Medical Alliance. 4410 DC Drive in Tyler. That's really about all the information I have, but it's enough for me to be in attendance! 
  • March 26 - Main Street Flower Market. Oh man, this is the big one. Bedding plants, fresh-cut flowers and landscape plants abound at this scenic outdoor flower market on the Goodman Museum grounds, 624 N. Broadway. FREE Admission, oh yeah, free admission. I have several flower vases that I can't wait to put to use again! 
  • March 26 - Quilter's Guild of East Texas Annual Quilt Show at Harvey Hall. With over 200 quilts, skill demonstrations, new product introductions, a SCAVENGER HUNT, silent auction, quilt sales, and a country store, what else do you need? Hopefully my Grandparents will get to accompany me and Riley! This event lasts two days and is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and children under 12. I wish I would have made the February deadline and entered one of my quilts:
  • March 27-28 - Camp Ford Civil War re-enactment. My Dad is very interested in the Civil War and Camp Ford isn't too far from our house, so we plan on being there too!
  • March 28 - Central East Texas Orchid Society Orchid Show and Sale. Another great way to use my vases! Located in the Discovery Science Place Annex, it's free too! 
Add in my sometime-substitute teaching job and student teaching, and we should have a great March! 

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