Saturday, March 20, 2010

Diaper Bassinet

I love baby showers. I love babies. They are squishy, smell good, are good cuddlers, and if you breast feed, make you lose weight. Wait... what am I talking about? They don't sleep, they eat all the time, they take up all your time, and they like to be held... a lot. Ok, so I may or may not have baby fever.

Anyway, a girl from my church had her baby shower today. I couldn't attend, but still wanted to get her something anyway. I saw this idea several months ago, and have been waiting patiently for the next shower so I could make it.


Burp rag
Hot glue gun
Tissue paper or tulle

I didn't have any kind of directions to make this, so I just sort of jumped in. I used a rubber band to secure the diapers on the bottom and then glued a piece of ribbon around. Then, I hot glued the diapers that make the roof of the bassinet. I then hot glued a piece of ribbon around those diapers, too. I placed a burp rag on top of the diapers on the bottom and curly ribbons on top of the bassinet, secured with hot glue. As a finishing touch, I stuffed pink tulle in the opening of the bassinet.

I think it turned out cute. And, I forgot to mention, those diapers I used, yeah I had those left over from when Riley was little. They were a really cheap brand that I can't imagine anyone wanting to put their sweet, new baby in. I used them in this project since these diapers can't be used again with all the hot glue and such.

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