Monday, March 1, 2010


Dear Riley,

Before I had you I always knew what kind of parent I would be: a bath every night, baby lotion rubbed into your skin everyday, no sweets, I would read a book to you everyday, I would have a clean house all the time, you would always have cute outfits, and ABSOLUTELY NO T.V. What was I thinking?
Recently, and I mean in the past month, you have developed a strong preference for the T.V. The only channel anyone in this apartment is allowed to watch is NickJr. And don't dare turn the volume down. As you can see in this picture, the toddler chair I labored over is being put to great use. 

I've come to appreciate the HOURS you can sit and watch your cartoons. The kitchen has never been cleaner and I am able to craft a lot more. Sometimes you will get the remote and start pushing buttons. You will then bring the remote to me so I can put your cartoons back on. You even re-programmed the remote last month and the cable company had to make a house call to give us a new remote. Yeah, you did that. 
As I took these three pictures, you never even knew I was on the planet. You were completely caught up in your cartoon. Grandmom used to tell me my eyes would go bad if I sat that close to the T.V. Well Riley, I think your neck will break. 
Love you sweet girl!



  1. Oh this post made me laugh so loud out loud. This is exactly how my 15 month old sits and watches TV and mama just needs it. Being 8 months preggo right now, I just sit by and let it happen when I USED to be so anti TV. We all love MOOSE in this house tho :)

  2. LOVE this post!!

    thanks for sharing!