Friday, February 26, 2010


Dear Riley,

When I met your Daddy I had one year left of college. One year and I was free. No more waiting tables, no more sitting at the library until midnight, no more working 40+ hours a week in addition to school. I could not wait. I was having the time of my life, and then I met your Daddy.

We hadn't known each other very long, but something just felt right. And before long, we found out you were on your way. I wasn't sure I EVER wanted kids or a husband, but I had to adjust quick because that's what I got. I don't recommend the timing or order for anyone, but very lucky for us things worked out. 
We couldn't wait to meet you. About two weeks before you were here, Henry's mom came to stay with us. Mamaw. Mamaw is an entire different story, and I won't go into that now. But one day I will tell you about Mamaw. 
The day before we had you, we got married. Mamaw waved goodbye and took this picture of us...

You definitely don't want to see the full picture. I was huge! On my wedding day! The next day we went to the hospital very early. After waiting for what seemed like forever, you finally made your appearance. You can read about your birthday here.
I was paralyzed for about ten hours after the C-section. I am a planner, and a C-section wasn't in my plan. I was supposed to take care of you the first day, the first night. I was your Momma. And I couldn't move. I could hold you, but only after all the pain medication wore off. Your Daddy stepped right in, without me even really knowing it, and took amazing care of you. He changed your first diaper, you know, the really bad one.

Your Daddy helped me in more ways than I can list those first few weeks. I came to love a new man. Our honeymoon was spent with a new born baby named Riley. We went about things in the "wrong" order, but I wouldn't change one single thing. He is my best friend. I hate to think where you and I would be without him. And have I told you how happy you are to see him when he gets home from work? 
 I love your Daddy more than words can say. And I love you!



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