Monday, February 1, 2010

Riley Claire - 8 Month Newsletter

Originally Written - May 11, 2009
Big girl,

We have made it 8 whole months. At about 10 diapers a day, that's over 2,400 diapers! That's correct, 2,400. And now, you won't lay still long enough to get a clean diaper on, so the diaper ends up sideways on you. That leads to an even bigger mess as you can imagine. You are growing so big and getting so smart. When you are next to your new cousin Braxton, you look like a pubescent teenager. You can no longer fit into your age group clothes, you are in the next size. You are TALL. Where did this height come from? Sometimes I have to ask you to reach the sugar on the top shelf for me. And you will. You love your Mommy. You love to bury your head in my chest and sometimes you like to head-butt me. That explains my busted lip. Next time I will get out of the way.

You have started this rocking and jumping phase. Constantly. You think it is the funniest thing. And do you think you are still in church? No ma'am, you aren't. What is it about church that you won't be still for two minutes? I actually work up a sweat during CHURCH. And of course, the only time you drop your toy is during the prayer. I get these sneers from everyone around us. Sneers, thankfully don't seem to bother you.

You are a sweetheart. You love to give these open-mouth kisses. I would take a million from you. You are your Daddy's little girl. He loves to get on the floor and crawl around with you. You two are going to be trouble I can already tell.

Some nights you won't go to sleep on your own. I lay you on my chest, and in 5 seconds you are out. You just wanted your Mommy. I am here for you sweet girl, always and forever.

Love, Mommy

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