Monday, February 1, 2010


 Originally Written - May 5, 2009
Riley Claire has reached mobility. Before, she could do a scoot of sorts, but now, now we have reached full-on, can't keep up with her, MOBILITY. She doesn't stay in the same place, or room for that matter. Not only is she going places, she is leaving a path of destruction.

The things she destroys....

If something is within her reach, or if she can get to it, she will soak it with slobber and manipulate the object to an unrecognizable form. My pretty decorations, Henry's things (guitar, guitar pick, Guitar Hero, fishing magazines, etc, etc, etc), the DVD player, shoes, nothing is too big an obstacle for Riley Claire. She relishes in the destruction.

And SHE KNOWS how to make me anxious. She crawls places I do not want her to. For example: my closet. A normal closet, full of shoes. Not just any shoes, but shoes that have walked almost every surface known to man. Shoes that have walked many terrains, killed many insects, stepped on many, many pieces of gum. And what does Miss Riley head straight for? The germ infested shoes!! A stiletto in one hand, a flip-flop in another. The look on her face when she gets caught: Mommy, I was just licking them up and down. Please don't take my new toy away.

After a thorough mouth scrubbing, it is back to mobility.

Ahh, the life of mobility. It is all down hill from here.

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